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[Exclusive] Coconut Oil Pulling Benefits – What Is Oil Pulling & How To Do Oil Pulling

Looking for a fast way to instantly improve the health of your teeth and gums? Want to promote better overall health and longevity? One thing that many people don’t realize is the fact that your oral care can determine a big part of how health you are overall.

Those who have poor oral hygiene may be at a greater risk for a number of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, dementia, respiratory infections, as well as diabetic complications. Not to mention, maintaining good oral hygiene is just smart as far as gum disease goes as well. Nothing ruins your look quite as much as teeth that are stained, dirty, and not well-maintained.

While brushing your teeth everyday and flossing are musts that most people know about and practice regularly, often this simply isn’t enough.

While those may be great for getting at food particles stuck between the teeth and reducing the bacteria that’s sitting right on the teeth, it isn’t going to do the deep and thorough clean that you really need.

That’s where oil pulling teeth comes in.

Check out the video below to learn what is oil pulling and some of the coconut oil pulling benefits that you can expect to receive.



Let’s go into a few more details of what oil pulling is and how to do oil pulling correctly.

Oil Pulling 101

Coconut oil pulling is one of the best ways to help remove unwanted bacteria and gums from the teeth, revealing fresh and clean breath and lowering your risk of a variety of dental related problems.

While initially oil pulling was utilized primarily in Ayurvedic medicine, more and more individuals are starting to realize some of the benefits that it has to offer.

Coconut oil pulling is one of the best ways to help remove unwanted bacteria and gums from the teeth, revealing fresh and clean breath and lowering your risk of a variety of dental related problems.

While initially oil pulling was utilized primarily in Ayurvedic medicine, more and more individuals are starting to realize some of the benefits that it has to offer.

To best explain oil pulling teeth, think of it like how you would clean your dishes with some dish soap. The soap will dissolve the stuck on grime and oil that’s found on your dishes, removing them from the plates and bowls and washing it down the drain.

Likewise, the oil that you’ll be swishing around in your mouth will help to dissolve the stuck on grime and oil in and around the teeth, which will then be removed when you spit out the liquid.

Young beautiful brunette woman using mouthwash at her bathroom

Unfortunately, this is a very unresearched area, so while there is not a lot of research to back up oil pulling, what we do have proves to be very promising.

For instance, in the Journal Of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, a study revealed that holistic approaches to oral care, including oil pulling can be one of the most effective natural health solutions that will improve the health of your teeth and gums.

In addition to actually helping improve the health of your mouth and gums, oil pulling is also an effective way to freshen your breath. Because it removes the bacteria that reside in the mouth and can lead to bad breath, after doing it, you can see just as good, if not more powerful results, as you would if you were using a mouthwash. A study published by the Department of Pediatric Dentistry in Chennai India stated this very thing.

So while mouthwash and oil pulling will help freshen up your breath, only oil pulling will provide the numerous benefits as well.

Coconut Oil Pulling Benefits

Speaking of those benefits, what all does this technique have to offer? Let’s look at some of the reasons to do oil pulling with coconut oil.

  •      Kills Candida

The first big benefit you’ll receive from oil pulling is the fact that it can help to kill excess candida.

Candida is a fungus that lives in the mouth and intestines and when present in proper levels can be beneficial for assisting with overall digestion and nutrient absorption.

But, when it is overproduced, it can cause further health problems including digestive issues to feeling tired and worn down, and potentially even increasing your risk of suffering from autoimmune problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and multiple sclerosis.

  •      Improves Digestion

Because digestion starts in the mouth, having a healthy set of gums is key for optimizing the digestion process. If your mouth is dirty and filled with bacteria, this may compromise your ability to break down food properly and as such, lead to issues associated with energy levels as well as numerous nutrient deficiencies.

By ensuring your digestion process is running smooth from the start, you can increase your overall health standing. Oil pulling teeth can help do this.

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  •      Reduces Plaque And Gingivitis

Oil pulling is one of the best ways to help reduce plaque and gingivitis. Gingivitis is a condition related to inflammation of the gums and typically happens when the immune system has started attacking bacteria that reside in the plaque.

By removing the bacteria, you can help decrease this immune response, and as such, stop gingivitis before it starts.

Oil pulling is also great for removing the plaque build up as well, increasing the health of your teeth and gums.

  •      Prevents Disease

As noted above, gum health is directly correlated to a number of different diseases, so by sustaining better overall oral health, you’ll be doing your part to reducing these conditions.

While it may not necessarily cure disease or completely prevent it if you are at a high risk, it can certainly lessen the severity of symptoms or help lower the chances that you do contract that illness.

  •      Whitens Teeth

Want whiter teeth? This is another of the big coconut oil pulling benefits that you will experience.

Woman Teeth

Often regular toothpaste will not remove stuck on stains residing in the tooth enamel. Especially when the stains are oil based, regular water and tooth paste just won’t do a thorough enough job to clean the oil off, revealing whiter teeth underneath.

This is where coconut oil pulling steps in. By using coconut oil, you’ll be helping to remove the oily residue more effectively, in turn lighting the color of your teeth.

Whether you have coffee, tea, or wine stains, you’ll find that oil pulling can help benefit you.

  •      Lowers Inflammation

Oil pulling may also help to lower the amount of chronic inflammation taking place in the body, which again, is linked to a variety of disease. Many people in today’s world are suffering from chronically high levels of inflammation thanks to our lifestyles that rely on convenience foods, lack of activity, and the high levels of stress we face.

Oil pulling can help put you a step in the right direction by decreasing the inflammatory response, keeping your body in better balance.

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  •      Strengthens Your Immune System

Coconut oil itself is a very powerful immune boosting substance, so it only makes sense that oil pulling with it will lead to improved immune strength.

While you are not actually drinking the coconut oil mixture you use during the oil pulling process, it will still, help to strengthen the immune system.

With less bacteria in your mouth that could potentially weaken your immune system, your body is left to thrive.

  •      Improves Your Gum and Jaw Strength

The actual act of oil pulling and swishing the liquid around is going to work towards strengthening your gum and jaw.

Many people never even consider jaw and gum strength when thinking about physical strength, but it’s still an important point to note. The stronger your jaw is, the less likely you are to experience jaw related issues later on in life.

  •      Reduces Teeth Decay And Cavities

Finally, oil pulling is a great way to help reduce teeth decay and cavities. As these two dental issues typically arise when bacteria is left to sit on the teeth and gums, by removing those bacteria, you can avoid them before they start.

Again, while going for regular dental check-ups and a thorough cleaning will help you with treating tooth decay and any cavities present, it won’t do much to prevent them over the long term.

Oil pulling will do a much better job.

So now that you can see the many benefits that oil pulling can bring, let’s go over how to do this in practice so that you can implement it into your lifestyle.

How To Do Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a relatively simple and straightforward process to do.

First, you’ll want to get yourself a bowl or glass to create the mixture in. Next, you’ll want to consider using a special oil called OraMD. This is a very powerful substance that acts as an antibacterial oil and take your oil pulling practice to the next level.

You’ll put four drops of the OraMD oil into the bowl. To this, you’ll want to add about five tablespoons of coconut oil and mix it all together.

Now you are ready to begin.

Coconuts and coconut oil on wooden table

Simply place the oil mixture into your mouth and you’ll now begin to swish it around in the mouth for 20 minutes. Set a timer and distract yourself with whatever it is that you want to do – reading, cooking, checking your social media or otherwise. The 20 minutes will fly by before you know it.

Remember while doing this that you should avoid swallowing the liquid as you’ll have plenty of bacteria that have been released from the teeth floating around. If you feel like it’s hard not to swallow the liquid, that’s a good sign that you have too much in your mouth and should spit some out.

When spitting out the liquid after the 20 minutes is up, you should spit it into the garbage can rather than the sink. The reason being that if you are doing this often, the oil may begin to build up in the pipes and you could run into drainage or plumbing problems.

After the oil pulling process is finished, do not go immediately drinking or eating. You need to now thoroughly rinse your mouth with some clean water until you feel like any residue that’s still remaining has been removed.

At this point, you should notice that your mouth is feeling cleaner than ever.

So there you have the main points to know and remember about oil pulling teeth. It’s a newer strategy to hit the Western culture, but one that should continue to grow as more and more people realize the benefits it can have.

Do you have any experiences with oil pulling? If so, share it with us below.


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