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GDV Machine – The Russian Secret To Aura Testing (GDV Testing)

GDV testing, which stands for gas discharge visualization, is a technique that few people – even those in the medical profession – have ever heard of before.

It’s not a new technique however as reports of the first electrography were reported back in the early 1900’s. As the images became more developed, it began to take on the name of Kirlian photography, and then later on GDV. In today’s times however, most medical professionals are not harnessing all this test has to offer.

So what is a GDV machine and how can it help?

Check out the video below where I interview one of the top experts, Katrine Volynsky about this topic.

What A GDV Machine Does

So what exactly does a GDV machine do? A GDV machine is able to take a picture of any object (however it’s usually used on the body – namely the fingers), and upon doing so, is able to detect the aura surrounding that object.

Within this aura, it’s then able to detect the level of energy in the surrounding space, noting energy rising, falling, or detecting changes that are taking place compared to a previous reading. Think of a GDV machine as a highly sensitive camera that is able to see things that a normal camera would never be able to capture.

In clinical tests that have been performed in Russia as well as some other countries who have begun to use GDV testing as well, it was noted that the glow around the human fingers were correlated with the performance of various organs and systems of the human body.

So by taking an image of the fingers, they are able to learn more about how various elements of the body are functioning. This can then assist medical professionals with making more educated decisions on the best therapy and treatment methods to assist with managing symptoms and diseases.

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After taking the image, the treating physician will then look at the shape of the pattern that is being represented. This might be in the form of a gap in the energy, an outburst, or some other pattern entirely.

From these patterns, they can then better figure out the nature of the problem occurring in the body and what can be done to treat that problem.

For instance, through GDV testing, the physician may be able to notice weakness in an organ system or be able to track levels of inflammation that are currently present in the body.

Researchers who are using GDV testing are typically looking at the system as a whole, pinpointing the overall level of harmony of all the systems in place.

This allows them to quickly spot the weakest aspects of the body and the areas that need the most time and attention of care.

Who GDV Testing Benefits

So who can most benefit from including GDV testing in their program?

The ideal candidate for GDV testing is someone who is also utilized or has utilized other more conventional testing methods such as X-rays, CT scans, hair analysis along with blood and urine tests.

When these tests are not giving the full picture of what’s going on and are missing some element that is needed for proper diagnosis or treatment, GDV testing can help fill in and provide that missing gap.

Some of the individuals who may experience benefits include:

  •      Those suffering from more serious conditions such as cancer, heart disease, or diabetes
  •      Those who are suffering from physical ailments but no physical problem can be found (in which case, it
         could be a psychological issue causing the problem to occur)
  •      Athletes who are looking to optimize their overall body functioning to improve their sports performance
  •      Those who are suffering from known psychological disorders and who want to learn more about how these
         may be impacting them on a physical sense

Many people can benefit from GDV testing, even if they are not currently physically experiencing symptoms or health problems. In some cases, there are unconscious processes going on in the mind that have been there for many years and you are just unaware of them.

As such, they could be causing the issues that you are experiencing on a physical level, either right now or they could be setting you up for problems down the road, and through regular testing such as blood tests, hair analysis, and so forth, you would never pinpoint the root cause. When using GDV however, you get that full picture of what’s going on and can look at all your chakra energy – even on a psychological level, which can then indicate why you are having the issues that you are having.

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By doing GDV on a regular basis, you can find these changes in your aura before they are too progressed, which can acts a preventative method to help you avoid future issues down the road.

Using GDV Testing Over The Long Term

One thing to note about GDV testing is that it’s very sensitive to small changes in the environment and your body.

For instance, if you were to take a GDV test while in a positive, happy, and relaxed state, your reading would be far different than if you were to take the GDV test while in an angry, upset state.

As your body would be emitting a totally different aura in these two scenarios, this would impact all the electrons and energy surrounding you.

So on a one-time-basis, sometimes GDV testing isn’t going to provide the full picture you need to really get a good idea what’s going on with your health.

However, if you take the test multiple times over a series of days, weeks, or months, then you can begin to spot trends that are occurring in the test. This is what will then relay the information that you are looking for and what will help you pinpoint better what is actually going on in your body.

From there, you can then determine the best overall treatment plan to use going forward.

So there you have some information on what GVD testing, or aura testing as it’s sometimes called, is all about. It’s not a commonly used technique in today’s world, however it’s one that when used properly, can reveal important information that can go a long way towards helping you combat disease, illness, and optimize your performance.

Have you ever had a GDV test done? What was your experience with it? Comment below if you have.

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